Spring Fairy Festival 2017

What a special time, it was the ten year anniversary of Spring Fairy Festival. The biggest highlight for me, my mom got to be with us. It was her first time attending any of the events that I vend at, it was fun having her there. The second highlight, a darling little fairy stopped by my booth to give me a pretty drawing for being a prettiest fairy. Yes, it was a total awwww moment for me. 😀  The third was for the gentlemen who walked into the festival off the street and wanted to look like he belonged there.. You sir, made my day, I love it when a man of a certain age has the confidence to put a sparkling blue crown over his stetson!

A big thank you to Angela from Crescent Moon Gifts for always hosting such a terrific event. I am sending lots of love out to my dedicated lovers of crowns, I have several of you now who are getting quite The Frolicking Nymph collection. Thank you so much for loving what I do, I promise to keep things changing. Also thank you for all of the ooh’s and ahh’s that just stop in front of our booth, for the wives that drag their husbands over to ask him if he likes a crown on you, all of you are just amazing.

I have a little break now between events but you will find us at 2nd Star  August 5&6th at Dorris Ranch in Springfield, OR.

It is a pleasure to make you smile with my wearable art, I just love what I do. Thank you.


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