Frolicking Good Times

I want to thank everyone who actually attends any of the events that are out there in the world. You are the key to making small businesses like The Frolicking Nymph a success.

Recently we were lucky and vended at Fall Fantasy Faire, it was raining, windy, sunny, and so many lovely creatures came out to show support in the amazing fall weather.. We had a magical time, the entertainment was wonderful, the helpers go above and beyond if you need them, and the owner of the show drops by to say hi and check on your experience.

Thank you to my Frolicking roadies for all the help you give me at any event, I love you.

To the new owners of your Frolicking Nymph finery, I hope you enjoy your pieces where ever you where them too. I truly enjoy making wearable art, I love to see faces light up when you are walking towards my booth, it just makes what I do feel more magical.


One thought on “Frolicking Good Times

  1. Hi❣ I am hosting a workshop in Thousand Oaks , CA on Feb 25/26 for an author I adore and have learned so much from. One of her books I read is called Summer with the Leprechauns where she had life changing experiences on the island of Keel in Ireland….. I went there last summer and had the most magical experiences myself.
    I went to FaerieWorlds last summer and through their website, found yours. I would love to send you our flyer for our event …..Tanis Helliwell ( the author and the owner of the transformational institute in Canada) will be speaking and teaching about elementals all around us, including our body elemental , and how we can help heal ourselves and learn more on how to communicate with and help all that surrounds us , loves us, and helps us.
    You can contact me is you would like me to forward you our flyer: Lara Pydde: 805-490-2469.
    Happy happy magical day to you❣❣
    Fondly…… Lara 💜👸🏼☘🌲🌙💜

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