Fall Fantasy Faire 2019

Fall Fantasy Faire is over for another year. It is my favorite event to do because it is also my favorite time of year. Thank you to my family for always being my set up crew, you guys were stellar this year, I believe we have it down now. It was fabulous fun having some of our friends pop by for a quick visit. To my returning collectors of all things Frolicking Nymph, I love you guys. I feel blessed that you dig my wearable art. Thank you Crescent Moon Gifts for always throwing a fun family friendly event and having us back year after year.
Next up for me, I am going to work on some special pieces for a school/art display. I want to maybe help inspire some future artist out there.
Also Halloween, I don’t mean too but always seem to go a little overboard, like that is possible. lol71203790_10157566415904464_6481975006879285248_n.jpg

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