What a magical experience

Venturing out into new venues has been a magical experience. I keep learning something new, which in turn helps me to improve and move forward with what I deem to be.. An artist, I make wearable art.

Thank you to the art collectors that do not know that is what you are buying from me. It might not be a painting or a marble sculpture but this is how I see myself. How I describe my work, is that it is wearable art, as unconventional as it might be.

The Frolicking Nymph has been well received by many different venues, the last one being I Heart Rummage’s Garage which is held during The Fremont Solstice Fair. We have never had so many wonderful people pass our booth before. It was so much fun 🙂  

We are planning to keep bringing you wearable art, we are hoping to add more venues, and hope to see you stop by to say hello. We will be vending at Faerieworlds July 25th, 26th, and 27th, you can find us in Neverworlds under the trees. We hang out with Nymbol and his friends there.  See you soon.

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