A little pause.

It has been to long since I updated here on our web site, my apologies. The Frolicking Nymph was busy moving into a permanent space in our new home, it is ours, no more moving. I have enough space for my very own work room, it is wonderful to be able to spread my wings.

I put several vending events on hold because of this, we did attend Faerie Worlds in their new location. It was all kinds of soggy, muddy,rain filled, magical fun. We were tucked back around a bend in the trees, I promise we weren’t hiding, just a hard spot to find us in. We are hoping to vend one more event this season, it is coming up on the 19th in Tacoma, Crescent Moon Gifts presents the 1st Annual Fall Fantasy Faire from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Once all the events are done for the season I will be focusing on product that I will put up on Etsy. For now we hope you have had a wonderful summer, talk with you all later.

The Frolicking Nymph

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