Frolicking Fun

It all started with an invite, from someone outside of our usual circle. In trying to have my business be more connected, I joined some forums on the local happenings going on around the Seattle area that I might be able to participate in. Well Dave found me, from Oddmall, I received an email to be a vendor. I was so excited because my work is speaking for itself now, I love that this is taking on a life of it’s own. 

We enjoyed ourselves, Oddmall has everything handcrafted that you can imagine and somehow we fit right in. We had our booth all set up, I love hearing all of the oohs, and the it lights up. Yes most of my crowns light up and all of our wings as well. Two full days of selling my wearable art to fantastic individuals. I loved it, from the nervous beginning, all the way through the sad we already have to pack up. 

Two very special fairies known to the Seattle area are now owners of Frolicking Nymph creations. Thank you Fairy Princess Lolly and The Fremont Fairy for choosing my creations to help make your world more magical. We were also interviewed for a blog for Geek Radio. Also made some wonderful new connections and have some exciting new opportunities coming up. 

Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful support, we plan to have many new and interesting creations for your enjoyment. Be on the look out for us. 🙂

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