Spring Fairy Festival

What an adventure we had, thank you for having us. Spring Fairy Festival was our first non Faerie Worlds event, we are branching out and exploring where we can vend. We arrived to set up and start the day, it was a little slow in the beginning, which of course always is. Everyone wants to look around and decide what it is they want to buy. Come mid day we were busy all the way through the end of day 1. I am so happy that so many of you took home your very own faerie crown. Day 2 was just as busy, fantastic entertainment, great crowds, and many crowns left to their new homes. 🙂

We had many inquiries about weddings, I had never even considered this an option but with what I make it does make some sense. So we are going to explore at least 1 wedding show this year to see how it all goes. We have a lot to look forward to, we will be vending at Oddmall this May/June in Everett. We are looking into several other events as well. As always we hope to see you and thank you for all of your support.

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