Discovering I was meant to make my wings. :)

Fantastic story to share with you. I have been often asked how I decided to make my wings the way I do. My family and I attended Faerie Worlds for the first time in 2010, we had seen so many beautiful wings. Even though I liked them I still was wanting something that was my own, that stood out, and were original. Mind you so does everyone else. lol So I went to work, bare wire in hand, twisting, forming, coming up with my first pair. Man they were big and cumbersome. I was so excited, I wore them, was photographed, and very tired by the end of the night.
However this sparked some serious creativity, since then, I have reworked the original pair, made other, lined a pair that a friend already had. I have also come up with new ideas and going into remodeling work to make them lighter and easier to wear.
Now onto part two of the story.. We recently went on a family vacation, talking with friends, I discovered that I have done this before. What you say? Yes, when my husband and I were decorating the church at 3 AM the morning of our wedding 18 years ago. We were not allowed to tack anything into the wood and only allowed to use the hooks provided. I didn’t want a bare wall behind us while standing up before everyone. Not a lot of money, I had wire and Christmas light. I bent the wire, molded it with my hands, and lined two interconnected hearts with Christmas lights.
If I had listened to that inner creative voice back then I would have been doing what I truly loved a lot sooner. I have found what I am meant to do, I had it inside me all along. Thank you to those that love and appreciate the art in my work, it brings me so much happiness and lights up my life.  ❤

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