FaerieCon West 2013

 SAM_5792What a fantastic weekend here in Seattle, I got to vend at FaerieCon West. It was an incredible experience, I learned a lot and will use this knowledge to help my business to grow. I received so many compliments, got giddy at the sight of many a faerie adorned in my wears. My husband also has given me one of the best compliments ever in our 21 years together. He told me that my wings are pieces of art and that if I had enough of them that I could have my own showing in an art gallery. How sweet is that? 🙂 I wouldn’t go quite that far, I just enjoy how happy people are once they try something on and just love it enough to give it a new home. Thank you for all of the support, for the generosity from the Cass family, and thank you to my family for coming along with me on this amazing journey. See everyone at Faerie Worlds in Eugene, OR.  July 26,27, and 28th 2013 you will find The Frolicking Nymph on Goblin Row in Neverworlds.

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